Mar 13, 2013

PC Tune Up Software

Many people have come to me frustrated at the speed of their computer. I know how frustrating that is because I’ve had to deal with my computer being slow. What is perhaps even MORE frustrating than the slow PC problem are the results that come up when searching the Internet for solutions!

The web is filled with webpages that list various kinds of software tools and utilities (Over 10 million, in fact!). That is where the real problem comes into play. There are so many of these pages,  none of which particularly help speed up slow computers… and if they do, it’s only a very short list of one or two programs.

I was frustrated with the resources I found. That’s why I spent hours of research to create my own comprehensive list of software so it would be easy to share with my friends who want to make their slow computers fast. Below is a list of free software that can be used to tune up your computer, a description of what each program does, and a link to where you can download them. Just follow the links ahead, run the software, and enjoy the speed of your newly optimized PC!

Turbo Your PC

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Dec 10, 2012
Slow Computer Fix

Increase PC Performance

PC_Performance_SpeedometerMy friend Deb came to me with her laptop that had gotten so slow that she did not know what to do. It was taking the laptop 5 minutes to boot up or shut down. Every other process in between was just as slow. I told her that there is hope for slow computers like this one. I know what to do with a slow computer. In this article I am going to go through the process I used to increase PC performance and make her laptop faster so that I can show you what to do with a slow PC. Continue reading »


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Slow Computer Fix

Easy Slow Computer Fix