Dec 10, 2012
Slow Computer Fix

Increase PC Performance

PC_Performance_SpeedometerMy friend Deb came to me with her laptop that had gotten so slow that she did not know what to do. It was taking the laptop 5 minutes to boot up or shut down. Every other process in between was just as slow. I told her that there is hope for slow computers like this one. I know what to do with a slow computer. In this article I am going to go through the process I used to increase PC performance and make her laptop faster so that I can show you what to do with a slow PC.

Turbo Your PC

Increase PC performance by scanning for Malware

The first step I’m going to take to make her laptop faster is to scan for malware. Malware is malicious software that runs on your computer that can negatively affect your computer’s performance. If your computer is running slow, chances are that it is infected with a form of malware. Here is what to do with a slow computer infected with malware.

Download malware bytes here

download malware bytes

Install and update malware bytes malware definitions

malware bytes update malware definitions

Perform a Full scan with malware bytes

malware bytes scan selection

Clean malware infections

malwarebytes scan complete

When the scan is done and you click show results you will be able to see a list of any malware that the scanner found. That is a lot of malware that is negatively affecting the performance of the computer making it slow. Clean all the infections off. You may need to restart your computer to finish the malware cleaning process.


Increase computer performance by running software updates

software updates available

I noticed that there were some software updates waiting to be installed in the system trey. There is no telling when the last time her software was updated. When your programs are out of date your computer is going to be susceptible to bugs and computer errors. For more information on how to go about updating Windows and other programs see our guide How to update programs

Defrag PC hard drive for better performance

fragmented disk

When files on your hard drive get fragmented it will take longer and longer to access your files. Files are more likely to be fragmented on older operating systems like windows XP. Run a file defragmenter to put the bits and pieces of files closer together and more in sequence to make your computer faster. For a more detailed explanation on why a fragmented hard drive effects PC performance and step by step instructions to fix it, see our guide how to defragment a computer


Fix Registry Errors for better performance

registry scanner scanning Registry Errors Found

The registry is a database that stores information that links settings for programs and your operating system with your user profile and Windows. The registry can become cluttered over time which will cause your computer to slow down. I suggest running a registry cleaner to get these issues cleaned up. I just ran one on Deb’s laptop and as you can see here there were quite a few problems that it fixed which will dramatically speed up her slow PC.

Adjust Power Settings for better Laptop PC performance

power options windows xp

The power profile settings in Windows can drastically affect computer performance. This applies to all PCs but especially laptop computers because they build laptops to try to conserve power due to the mobile nature running on battery power and such. When the power profile is set to conserve power, the CPU will clock down to a slower cycle, making the computer slow. I will show you where to change the power profile to get maximum performance. Here’s how to change the setting in windows XP:

power options maximum performance windows xp


Disable Windows Desktop Search

Remove Windows Search

Windows Desktop Search runs an indexing service in the background which takes up resources and can slow your computer down. I went into the control panel and add remove programs to remove the desktop search.

Deb was impressed at the improvement in performance for her laptop running Windows XP. Anyone that goes through the simple steps above will significantly increase pc performance. There are always other steps that can be taken to speed up that slow computer so come back often as we reveal what to do with a slow computer to make it faster.

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