Mar 13, 2013

PC Tune Up Software

Many people have come to me frustrated at the speed of their computer. I know how frustrating that is because I’ve had to deal with my computer being slow. What is perhaps even MORE frustrating than the slow PC problem are the results that come up when searching the Internet for solutions!

The web is filled with webpages that list various kinds of software tools and utilities (Over 10 million, in fact!). That is where the real problem comes into play. There are so many of these pages,  none of which particularly help speed up slow computers… and if they do, it’s only a very short list of one or two programs.

I was frustrated with the resources I found. That’s why I spent hours of research to create my own comprehensive list of software so it would be easy to share with my friends who want to make their slow computers fast. Below is a list of free software that can be used to tune up your computer, a description of what each program does, and a link to where you can download them. Just follow the links ahead, run the software, and enjoy the speed of your newly optimized PC!

Turbo Your PC


Process Explorer IconProcess Explorer
A souped up version of the Task Manager that is built in to Windows. It makes it easier to tell if a running process is legit or not and can also show what programs are using the CPU and also which process is hitting the hard drive (with the right tweaks).



Process Hacker IconProcess Hacker
Similar to process explorer. I like process explorer better, but I wanted to give you guys another option as you may find this one a bit easier to use. It is also Open Source and has really nice graphs to make it easy to track performance!
Belarc Advisor LogoBelarc Advisor
Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.

Core Temp LogoCore Temp
Core Temp is a program to monitor processor temperature and is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system


Malwarebytes IconMalware Bytes Anti-malware
The ultimate malware scanner. If you suspect that there is a malicious program running on your computer making it slow then you absolutely should download and run Malware Bytes. It works really well at getting rid of bad processes and also is free!


When you run this program it automatically kills of any known malware running on your system. This is very useful for stopping the programs that hijack your computer and won’t let you do anything once they start running. After it kills the bad programs, it lists what it killed and where it can be found.


Super Anti Spyware Logo


Super Anti Spyware
Spyware hides on your computer and collects your personal information to sell to third parties often without you even knowing! This program scans your computer to find and remove spyware. There are many programs like this out there this just happens to be one that I’ve used and like.



Ad-Aware Logo

Adware will often piggyback install during the install of another program and then later annoys you with the likes of pop-up ads. Ad-aware will scan your computer and help you remove these annoying ad programs. I have used this one for years. It always seems to find a lot of junk to remove.



Free Windows Registry Repair IconFree Windows Registry Repair
I’ve tried a lot of the free to use registry cleaners out there and this is by far the best one I’ve found. You have to be careful with registry cleaners because a lot of them will permanently crash your computer. I have never had that happen with this one. I’ve tested this registry cleaner on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and it has worked wonders. The worse your system is the more junk the scan will find and the faster your PC will become.


CCleaner IconCCleaner
A souped up version of the Windows Disk Cleanup Tool mixed in with the Add/Remove Programs utility. CC Cleaner makes it easy to uninstall unwanted programs and choose what runs at startup.



HiJack This IconHiJack This
Scans your computer and produces an in depth report on registry settings. Very helpful in removing malware but be warned, this is for advanced users because it does not tell you what is safe to get rid of or not.


Windows DoctorWindows Doctor
This programs is a PC optimization tool that combines a registry scanner, computer cleaner, privacy cleaner, and more into an easy to use, well designed user interface. It will do everything the paid version will do with the exception of you can only clean a certain number of items at a time instead of all at once. After that you will have to rescan to remove further problems. This is a great tool I recommend for even complete beginners.


Microsoft Security Essentials LogoMicrosoft Security Essentials
Free antivirus software courtesy of Microsoft. I’ve found Security Essentials to be light on PC resource use while providing decent protection at the great price of free. Look elsewhere if you are a high risk user (frequently get viruses) and or would prefer a more robust virus scanner.


AVG Free LogoAVG Free
Free antivirus software that has a great in depth virus scanner. I found it to be a bit resource heavy (especially when scanning) and also would scan too often for my liking. But if you need better than average, good protection it is definitely worth it. Paid version offers more features and options.


LogMeIn IconLogMeIn
Bonus! LogMeIn is a super easy to use remote access solution that lets you log in to and use your computer from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Just install the software and you are ready to access your computer from anywhere. That means no more waiting to get home to access a file on your home computer or being stuck at the office to work on a project.


I hope you found my list of PC Tune Up Utilites helpful. We will be constantly adding to and updating this list as we try out different software so be sure to bookmark this page now. And by all means Please share this page with your friends!


  • Cool! now a days really need a speed PC, to work.cos i am a business women, i need a really fast PC in order to work. .and there are a lot of antivirus now a days. .thanks any ways

  • I always use CCleaner every time i i want to clean up my pc. .i also try its really useful. .

  • Really needed one. Thanks for this great list.

  • Thank you so much for your very helpful article! I copied it to my email to keep and read carefully as I’m not a tech savvy person and to try to fix some glitches is not easy for me… lol! I’m sending this article to my 2 lists.

    Question: I have avast! home free edition and Malware Bytes Anti-malware and Ccleaner; should I install all the others you mentioned too?

    Thanks again! Adela

  • Just wanted to say, I’ve been tinkering, building and fixing computers and laptops since the 1980′s (yes, I loved my Commodore!) and I wanted to thank you for putting all of this great info together to help people help themselves. Great job! I will definitely refer friends and family to your excellent site. Thank you! BTW, I found your site from the comment you left from the PC Pitstop newsletter article, “5 Free Must Have Diagnostic Tools.”

  • Thank you for the great comment! I appreciate you sharing I hope this becomes a resource for many people. This is a list of programs that I personally use on a regular basis. Some of the items overlap (for example I list two running process tracking programs). To answer your question I would say it depends. Is your computer still running slow? If so I would go through some of the other guides here at Fixing A Slow Computer, and you will subsequently end up using more of the tools listed. Start with the Top 10 Causes of a Slow Computer to get an idea of what is causing your PC to be slow. Then go to the related guide to fix it. That’s for anybody that wants to get into the nitty gritty. Another (read easier) option is too download and use a start to finish automated program. The one I recommend is Turbo Your PC which worked wonders for many people I know, including my mom (who is far from and has zero interest in being tech savvy).

    It sounds like you have a good baseline to start with because you have an anti-virus, anti-malware, and a tool to clean up your computer. This puts you ahead of most average computer users who only have anti-virus. I would recommend you download process explorer and Rkill as they are great tools just to have in case anything particularly nasty gets access to your computer. I always keep those two in a folder on my desktop or thumb drive which has helped me save many computers from certain doom. You may even want to try free windows registry repair which can clean up your registry of old and useless entries. It all depends on how your computer is running. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything in particular that would be helpful for me to write about or do a tutorial on. Here’s to a faster computer/ happy PC using… Cheers!

  • Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you were able to find my site and I always like hearing from a fellow techie! Thank you for sharing especially as that is why I created this site to help people! Let me know if there is anything in particular they may need help with I will be glad to create a tutorial. Happy computing… cheers!

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